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Aqua Park Accessories Articles

Aquaglide Anchor Connector Line Kit

Heavy duty anchor line set for mooring.

Aquaglide 2x3m Horizontal Mooring

Pair of 3-meter (9.8 ft) long heavy duty elastic mooring lines for mooring to pool edge. Specifications -Dimensions: 3m L PE Bungee, Stainless Quick Snap, Float. -Total load:3000 lbs. (1363,6 kg)

Aquaglide 2-Way HD Mooring Bridle

Heavy duty 2-way mooring bridle for Platinum™ items Specifications -Dimensions: 14'L (427 cm) PU covered 1/2" (1,3 cm) Nylon, 2 SS lock, 1 SS swivel. -Total Load : 3000 lbs. (1363,6 kg)