Takuma ZK sup foilboard

Product Description

The perfect board all-around foiling

This board is an incredible downwinder, allowing you to get up on the foil quicker and easier in any conditions.

Its carbon construction makes it highly responsive in maneuvers and ensures effective pumping ability.

Its inner bevelled rails help you to carve easier as a result of less contact with the water.

  • Ideal for learning wing riding
  • Compact yet large volume offers good floatation and easier take off
  • Large bevelled rails have much less water drag during take-offs as water drains off quickly in addition to providing easier rebound and release from touch-downs
  •  Big tail kick is picked up by the swell and lifted for quicker take offs
  • Deep V and high volume tail : Generous volume provides great paddling speed and easy takeoff


Foil suggested with this board :

LOL Profoil 1600 (1083 €)


Classic shape

Double concave nose

Double US foil box for easy tuning

V bottom

Double angle Insert front foot and back foot straps

EVA Diamond brushed full deck pad

Universal hydrofoil mounting system

Strong PVC Foam + double wood stringer to reinforce our foil tracks

Bamboo construction

EPS Core /double wood stringer / Glass fiber layer / Double Bamboo Layer on entire standing area / Rail reinforcement




Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


6'0, 6'6, 6'9

Takuma ZK sup foilboard

The ZK board is designed for riders who need an all around model with a wide range of uses.

Thanks to its volume, this board will allow you to take-off before anyone else.

In flat water, open ocean, waves… The ZK excels in all conditions.


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