Takuma Wake foilboard

Product Description

Its super rigid construction gives a feeling of direct connection to the foil. This combined with the inner bevelled rails allow the rider to perform tight quick carves and less contact with the water.

This board has a very straight rocker to optimise paddling and wave catching. This is why it is so maneuverable.

Its volume makes it ideal for every rider.

The ZK 4’4 is the most wanted board for radical rides in Surf, Wake and Kite foiling.

The position of the strap inserts is optimised for surf foiling.

Additional Information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 188 × 69 × 29 cm


4'4, 5'6

Takuma Wake foilboard

The most wanted surf foil board for radical rides

The ZK surf is the most compact surfboard in the Takuma range and can be used in all conditions.

It is lively and comfortable underfoot, ideal for easier pumping and nimble carving.




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